PROCOMER launches ‘Talent Costa Rica Job Fair’ to enhance employment opportunities in the country.

  • The fair is part of the Institution’s Human Talent Strategy.
  • Under this strategy, other initiatives have been carried out, such as providing outplacement support to former employees of the company SmileDirect Club.

San Jose, January 11, 2023. With the commitment to support the creation of formal and inclusive employment in Costa Rica and provide human talent to companies established in the country, the Foreign Trade Promotion Office (PROCOMER) will host the “Talent Costa Rica Job Fair” on May 28.

The event, expecting the participation of more than 5,000 individuals and 100 companies with job vacancies, will also provide opportunities for interaction with various academic organizations and institutions that can provide support and assist in the training processes of individuals seeking to enhance their profiles and job opportunities.

“The purpose of PROCOMER is clear: to generate inclusive and sustainable well-being in all regions of Costa Rica. For this reason, we are developing various initiatives aimed at achieving this goal, including the development of human talent, to create more employment opportunities for Costa Ricans while addressing the growing demand from companies looking to develop operations in our country,” stated Laura López, General Manager of PROCOMER.

“Talent Costa Rica Job Fair” is a PROCOMER tool that brings together job opportunities and training. The fair is part of the Human Talent Strategy that the Institution has been implementing since 2023, which has three fundamental axes: prospecting and demand, training of human talent in companies under definitive and free trade zone regimes, and labor linkage.
Companies and academic institutions wishing to participate in the fair can visit the website or send an email to

Commitment to Employability

The institution has undertaken various initiatives to support the commitment to creating new opportunities for Costa Ricans. In the field of training, for example, they have provided training in high-demand areas such as data analysis, cybersecurity, C++ programming, English for information technology, Salesforce, Kafka, Angular, among others.

Additionally, the institution has established a trust fund aimed at addressing the training needs in knowledge-intensive industries, through co-financing with companies in free trade zones investing in closing the training and updating needs of their current and prospective employees.

Moreover, the institution has been offering outplacement services, providing support and guidance to individuals seeking reemployment in other companies, to establish connections with companies interested in knowing their profiles. For this purpose, a form has been made available to collect relevant information about the skills, experience, and job expectations of potential candidates to facilitate their connection with other employers.

An example of this effort is the support provided to former employees of SmileDirect Club, who were laid off due to the global closure of the company. In this case, PROCOMER has shared more than 275 profiles with various multinational companies interested in hiring these individuals, several of whom are already in interview processes or have been hired.

“From the first day, when we lost our jobs and decided to seek help, the first entity at the table was PROCOMER. They have been present from the beginning to date. They have been concerned about the placement of former employees in the job market and have offered tools to help us find positions in other companies. Several people have been able to find employment thanks to these PROCOMER initiatives,” mentioned Juan Carlos López, former employee of SmileDirect and leader of the representatives’ group.