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PROCOMER is the official Costa Rican Foreign Trade Promotion Agency (PROCOMER) We serve as the cornerstone of support for Foreign Direct Investment and Export Promotion. We pride ourselves on being an inclusive institution that generates business with a purpose.

  • COSTA RICA STANDS AS A GLOBAL LEADER AND #1 IN FDI ATTRACTION, according to the Greenfield FDI Performance Index.
  • More than 400 multinational companies have established their operations in Costa Rica.
  • The Costa Rican Trade Promotion Agency (PROCOMER) was created in 1996, and it is pivotal to the export and foreign investment promotion of the country.
  • PROCOMER has been recognized by the International Trade Centre (ITC) as the best Trade Promotion Agency in the world for four consecutive years. It also stands out for exercising budgetary autonomy overseen by the Office of the Comptroller General of the Republic.
  • PROCOMER’s Establishment and Aftercare Department focuses on improving competitiveness by implifying regulatory processes and permits for foreign companies. It also coordinates with various institutions to promote the attraction, maintenance, and development of companies through regulatory improvements and procedural solutions.

Foreign Direct Investment Manager

Mónica Umaña

Agroindustry and Food Industry Director

Daniel Díaz

Advanced Manufacturing and Medical Devices Director

Carolina Sánchez

Establishment and Aftercare Director

Marcela Brooks

Senior Specialist – Semiconductors

Danny Agüero

Investment outside the GMA Coordinator

Maria Paz Araya

Special Projects Director

Federico Umaña

Tourism Infrastructure Director 

Mariana Fournier

Services Director

Michelle Corriols


What incentives does Costa Rica offer to attract investment?

The Free Zone Regime (FZ) plays a central role in attracting foreign investment and boosting exports. It offers a range of incentives and benefits granted by the Costa Rican government to companies interested in investing in the country, including tax incentives. You may find a comprehensive list of these incentives through this link.

How can a company be under the free zone and/or inward processing regime?

Companies who wish to be included in either of these two categories must comply with a series of requirements and obligations. For more details on the special regimes, please click on this link.

Let’s talk about your upcoming operation in Costa Rica!
Let’s talk about your upcoming operation in Costa Rica!

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