Costa Rica,
nestled in the heart of the Americas, offers an ideal location for nearshoring operations.
A top destination for Foreign Direct Investment
as recognized by the Greenfield FDI Performance Index 2023
Over 400 multinational companies
have established their operations in Costa Rica.
Costa Rica provides an the Ideal ecosystem for attracting Foreign Direct Investment,
thriving on constant innovation, business sustainability, and human talent
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Costa Rica has become a strategic hub for nearshoring operations thanks to its privileged location. Multinational companies benefit from the proximity to key international markets. Costa Rica offers smooth connections to North America and Europe, enhancing global connectivity.

Key Sectors

Costa Rica hosts over 400 multinational companies that span a variety of sectors including healthcare, advanced manufacturing, light manufacturing, digital technologies, global services, and the food and agri-food industries. This country has successfully cultivated a collaborative ecosystem where these industries converge and flourish.

The agri-food sector is composed of primary production, encompassing agricultural, livestock, aquaculture, forestry, and fishing activities. The food-related aspect involves the processing of agricultural and livestock products to transform them into raw materials or products for human consumption.


  • Agricultural
  • Livestock
  • Food
  • Research, Development, and Innovation
A farmer collecting 3 pineapples

The advanced manufacturing sector in Costa Rica covers a broad spectrum of areas. The diversity of the sector has allowed our country to solidify its regional leadership in attracting Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) supported by exceptional human capital.


  • Aerospace
  • Automobile 
  • Contract manufacturing
  • Electronics
  • Engineering and repair
  • Metalwork and metal mechanics
  • Telecommunications
A female scientist with her tablet in the laboratory
The services sector comprehends foreign investment projects related to Corporate Services (e.g., SSO, BPO, Customer Management) and Digital Technologies (e.g., App Dev, Software Maintenance, QA, Tech Support, Data Analytics, Engineering, Design, Cybersecurity, Cloud).
Group of people in an office working together

The special projects sector supports a diverse ecosystem of investment opportunities in both the Free Trade Zone regime and the definitive regime. This sector encompasses light manufacturing with projects related to personal care, emerging materials, packaging, and construction materials, among others. Additionally, it includes new sectors attracting investment, such as retail, film industry, academia, logistics, and Free Trade Zone administrative parks.


  • Light Manufacturing 
  • Free Trade Zone Administrative Parks 
  • Retail
  • Logistics
  • Academic Institutions
  • Film industry 
  • Mergers and acquisitions
Tall gray building with bluish windows
In the field of semiconductors, Costa Rica has emerged as a dynamic ecosystem, attracting industrial giants like Intel, Qorvo, and Teradyne. All of them have chosen our idyllic landscapes as the nurturing ground for their enterprises. Costa Rica stands out with its comprehensive and highly competitive supply chain. Our semiconductor ecosystem covers the entire spectrum of semiconductor development, from manufacturing to silicon testing, validation, research and development, design, distribution, packaging, and beyond!
Laboratory in which there are 3 scientists researching
Costa Rica has emerged as a strataegic hub for Medical Technology operations, showcasing three decades of success in hosting crucial medical device manufacturing and high-value services for global industry leaders in MedTech.  Medical devices have become the flagship export product of Costa Rica, reflecting the dynamic landscape the country offers for this industry.


  • Biotechnology 
  • Clinical Trials
  • Combination products
  • Medical devices manufacturing
  • Pharmaceuticals and much more.
The tourism infrastructure sector in Costa Rica is a cornerstone for the growth and promotion of the nation's tourism industry. It offers essential support, enabling both emerging and established tourism enterprises to expand and flourish in Costa Rica's competitive tourism marketplace.

Subsectors include:

  • Hotel Industry
  • Marinas
  • Theme Parks
Let's talk about your upcoming operation in Costa Rica!
Let's talk about your upcoming operation in Costa Rica!