Why Costa Rica


Costa Rica?

Reasons why Costa Rica is the perfect place to invest!

Costa Rica's Foreign Direct Investment ecosystems provide a dynamic and growth-oriented environment for companies across diverse sectors in the heart of the Americas. Learn why:

Let’s talk about your upcoming operation in Costa Rica!
Let’s talk about your upcoming operation in Costa Rica!

Incentives for foreign investments

The Costa Rican government offers a comprehensive package of incentives, making it an attractive destination for foreign investors.

The Costa Rican offers a competitive Free Trade Zone Regime that grants tax exemptions to companies investing in the country. Our Regime is in compliance with the OECD and WTO standards. 

  • Corporate income tax exemption
  • 100% exempt from customs duties on imports & exports 
  • 100% exemption of VAT for local purchases. 
  • Exemption of remittance repatriation tax. 
  • Exemption from property transfer tax and municipal taxes (up to 10 years) 

Costa Rica offers a compelling incentive to foreign investors through its special Social Security rates outside the Greater Metropolitan Area (GMA).

Foreign companies can benefit from reduced social security contributions, which play a significant role in lowering labor costs. This incentive encourages investment in less densely populated areas, promoting regional economic development and job creation.

Foreign investors benefit from reduced bureaucracy, shorter waiting times, and faster decision-making, allowing them to initiate and expand their operations more efficiently. 

This not only minimizes administrative hurdles, but also accelerates the timeline for launching and conducting business activities. Costa Rica's commitment to expeditious proceedings underscores its dedication to providing a responsive and investor-friendly environment, positioning it as a prime choice for foreign companies seeking to establish and grow their presence in the country.

Export Linkages

Establish the perfect link between multinational companies and
national suppliers with world-class supply and logistics structures.

Special Regimes

With the objective of being more competitive internationally and more attractive for foreign direct investment, Costa Rica opted for special export regimes to provide benefits and legal certainty to companies and encourage exports from the country.

Supplier Catalog

Check out our comprehensive directory of suppliers, where you can find everything you need to start your company’s operations in Costa Rica.