Costa Rican cocoa and chocolate delight European palates at Salon Du Chocolat Paris 2023

  • The Costa Rican delegation is participating in the fair for the first time.

San José, November 1, 2023. From October 28 to November 1, Costa Rican exporters, together with the Costa Rican Foreign Trade Promoter (PROCOMER), will participate in the international fair Salon Du Chocolat Paris 2023.

The purpose of participating in the fair is to position Costa Rica as a country that offers fine cocoa that can meet the high quality expectations demanded by the market, which is why PROCOMER, together with the companies Nahua Cacao, Gourmet Fields, Hacienda Dos Lagunas, and Makaw Kakau, are exhibiting their products at the Essential Costa Rica stand, and at the same time exploring the opportunities offered by the fair for the country’s cocoa and chocolate sector.

On the other hand, the fair, positioned among the 10 best gourmet events in the world, will count with the participation of more than 500 exhibitors from more than 60 countries where the largest supply of chocolate from the 5 continents will be exhibited. Allowing Costa Rican producers to identify market opportunities in specialized groups, and learn about new methods of production and international marketing.

According to the Agreement of the International Cocoa Organization (ICCO), Costa Rica is classified as a producer of 100% fine cocoa for export, which means that Costa Rican production has high quality standards and rigorous processes that have positioned the country among the world leaders in the sector.

“At PROCOMER, we seek alternatives that allow us to promote and encourage the growth of all productive sectors in Costa Rica. Which is why, on this occasion, we met for the first time with four Costa Rican companies at the international fair Salon Du Chocolat, a space that brings together strategic representatives of the sector from around the world. This is an opportunity to showcase what Costa Rican producers have to offer, and at the same time, develop in a specialized environment that contributes to the expansion of relevant knowledge, the creation of new alliances, and the positioning of the country at the international level,” stated Mario Saenz, Export Development Manager of PROCOMER.

Ana Elena Pinto, Costa Rican Ambassador to France, highlights the great potential of Costa Rican cocoa in the European continent, “it is a pleasure for us to join the Costa Rican stand at the Salon Du Chocolat Paris, highlighting the first participation of our country in the event. In addition, we are proud to know that the Costa Rican product recognized for being 100% fine cocoa is reaching a territory with important niches to explore, so there are great opportunities for Costa Rican cocoa companies.”

“As cocoa producers in Costa Rica, we came to the fair with high expectations to get an overview of the international market for fine cocoa. And we managed to establish strategic relationships with both direct buyers and intermediaries,” said Adrian Rossi, representative of the company Hacienda Dos Lagunas.

Likewise, Enrique de Chelminski, Gourmet Fields Manager, added that Costa Rican cocoa has caused a very positive reaction from the French public, which opens the doors to the country’s positioning as a supplier of chocolate with the best origins in the world.

Currently, Costa Rica exports cocoa and its derivative products to more than 10 countries around the world. The United States, Panama, Belgium, and the Netherlands are among the main cocoa export destinations, while Guatemala, Mexico, the United States and Nicaragua are the main export destinations for food products containing chocolate.

About the participating companies

Hacienda Dos Lagunas: Founded in 1944, it promotes community development and the protection of Costa Rican forests through the implementation of incentives and agro-ecological measures, achieving a production of cocoa butter, liquor, fine couverture, and fine chocolate. All hand in hand with social and environmental awareness.

Gourmet Fields: A Costa Rican company that produces fine chocolates, premium coffee, and a variety of gourmet products using high quality raw ingredients grown locally in the volcanic region and rainforest of Costa Rica. It is a USDA certified organic company, and it is part of the Rainforest Alliance to develop a fair, sustainable, and ecologically conscious agricultural trade.

Makaw Kakau: It is a company that combines history, quality, and commitment to environmental conservation, through the production of handmade chocolate from cocoa grown in agroforestry systems in the vicinity of Turrubares Hill. And foresee the preservation of endangered species, contributing to the direct improvement of the biodiversity of the region.

Nahua Cacao: Nahua enriches the transformation of the finest single-origin cocoa beans, grown by small farmers under sustainable conditions, producing chocolates from cocoa that has been nurtured to reach its maximum body and flavor potential through a meticulous post-harvest process. In addition, it works on sustainability programs, trainings, access to financial resources, and environmental preservation.