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For PROCOMER, the Foreign Trade Promotion Agency, the development of human talent plays an essential role in attracting and retaining Foreign Direct Investment. Thanks to our partnerships with academia, we connect nationally with various institutions according to the area and sector of demand to coordinate the execution of tailor-made programs and provide the personalized support that companies require for their establishment in the country.

How is the Human Talent strategy developed in PROCOMER?

Human Talent Strategy role

PROCOMER's Human Talent Strategy plays a crucial role in the growth and development of exporting companies and in attracting foreign investment to the country by conducting prospecting studies and creating human talent training programs through strategic partnerships with different training centers, organizations, and institutions, both public and private, to train and empower highly qualified professionals who meet the demand of companies, generating a positive impact on the country's economic development by linking them to job opportunities.


This strategy is based on three main pillars: Prospecting and Demand, Human Talent Development in Definitive Regime companies, and Human Talent Development in Free Zone companies.


Prospecting and Demand Studies

Promote the generation of prospecting studies, as well as the analysis of other studies, at a national and global level, to anticipate the needs of the national and international labor market and analyze trends and changes in the industry.


The main objective is to identify the competencies and skills that will be required in the future to develop human talent training programs that ensure a timely response to employment demand, both in foreign trade companies and in attracting FDI to the country.


Human Talent Training in Companies Under Free Trade Zone and FDI Regime

In order to maintain the growth of the Free Trade Zone sector and the companies with Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), Human Talent programs are being developed in high-demand areas by multinational companies, which also allow for the employment opportunities brought by FDI.

Training in technical competencies and essential skills or 'power skills' for employability

Alignment of the business sector with the country's educational ecosystem

Professional training for integrating the labor market

Human talent training through reskilling and upskilling processes


PROCOMER has actively collaborated in the construction and implementation of strategic actions and key activities of the ENETH-CR (2023-2027). It was developed using a participatory methodology and social dialogue, which took place in four phases:
  1. Elaboration of the Situational Analysis.
  2. Definition of strategic interventions to be implemented and analysis of their viability.
  3. Development of an action plan, financing, and governance structure
  4. Approval and formalization by the Employment Council (CE) and the Technical Secretariat of the National Employment System (ST-SNE).
This strategy has an Action Plan Matrix with corresponding actions, indicators, goals, responsible parties, and available resources for the period 2023 to 2027. It is structured into six components or intervention axes, which correspond to the main challenges or bottlenecks identified in the diagnosis or situational analysis to improve human talent employability.

Human talent training programs

Training Incentive for Human Talent Targeted to Free Trade Zone Companies

This program is aimed at companies in the Free Trade Zone and aims to enhance the development of national human talent by providing funds for training, coaching, and talent development.



The Foreign Trade Promotion Agency (PROCOMER) and the Ministry of Science, Innovation, Technology, and Telecommunications (MICITT) offer you the opportunity to enhance your employability profile through our Human Talent training courses, focused on digital competencies. These courses will be carried out in a virtual format, are asynchronous, and provide a self-learning environment that guarantees the flexibility and convenience necessary to achieve effective learning. They are completely free courses and are part of the Cisco Networking Academy.


English For IT

Introduction to Cybersecurity

Data Analytics Essencials


Success stories of FDI companies that have benefited from PROCOMER's human talent programs

Experiences of successful companies that have invested in our country and how our human talent department has been a key factor in their growth and success.

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